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I finally found it:

cooling of medicines

COOL*SAFE for the professional

Only when you protect your medicine

can your medicine protect your health.

Because of the cooling duration of many hours

I am able to visit relatives

and friends again

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COOL*SAFE is a high-quality cool bag.

Not only does it keep my medicines cool,

but it restores the sense of control in my life,

makes my life easier, and helps me live better.


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give the ultimate peace of mind

COOL*SAFE medical cool bags

- with the regimen power of the medicines I am taking -

that my health outcomes

will be just as my physician envisioned.


  • Medicine temperature range from +2° to +8° C– With COOL*SAFE you can transport ALL medicines
  • No freezing of your medicine– unlike most other available medical cool bags!
  • Many hours of cooling duration– You can now travel long distances and long-haul flights
  • Easy to use– without having to wait before use; easy opening zips
  • High quality– odourless and without irritants and pollutants
  • You can get a TÜV-report – The TÜV is the most important, independent testing institute in Germany. The safe temperature range from +2° C to +8° C and the cooling duration have been measured by the TÜV. Please also look at “test results”.

COOL*SAFE FOR PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL NEEDS E. g. for doctors, veterinarians, health practitioners, professional daycare and nursing services, medicine couriers, water works and laboratories

This is your access to important informationen about COOL*SAFE and to our professional Service-Portal to ease your daily work (e. g. with information leaflets as downloads for the levy to patients around the save cooling of medicines).

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For sale, for clinical trials and for levy to patients E.g. pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals and clinical research organsations CROs

This is  your access to prices (log-in with your VAT-number) and to all important information for your company, your patients and clients.

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