WITH COOL*SAFE TO THE US WEST COAST 23. June 2020 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

My new best friend.

I read the travel reports posted on your website with great interest. I was shocked when I received the diagnosis “serious microcytic anaemia”, which will probably accompany me for life. In addition my medicine has to be cooled constantly between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Life must go on, was now the motto (since my family lives mostly in the USA and Japan).

My pharmacy and my specialist doctor have both tried to find a cool bag that will keep the medicine cool in the long term. The success was modest and would have been enough for a trip through Germany at most. I came across the “Cool Safe” on the Internet, where I was particularly attracted by the reference to the TÜV. I have been the proud owner of the backpack for a year now and have successfully tested it on several long-haul flights. “Cool Safe” gives me back security and allows me to travel in a relaxed manner.

For the first long-haul flight to the US West Coast this year, the manufacturer’s last recommendation, to take a replacement set of cool packs with us, was very valuable. Due to the adverse weather conditions in Germany and the US West Coast, the maximum normal cooling duration would not have been quite sufficient. So far I have only made short trips and trips to family and friends overseas. I still have to gain experience for study trips or other, unknown destinations to ensure that suitable cooling facilities are available on site. Unfortunately, the cooling boxes of the airlines for the col packs are neither reliable nor satisfactory.

Wolfgang L., Germany