Away from fear – towards security and emotional calmness
In the summer of 1988, I had my first severe allergic reaction to “wasp venom” after a wasp sting on my foot; in the hospital, the sting was removed, medication was injected, and the sting wound as well as the enormous swelling and redness were treated as an outpatient for several days. In 1992 I was “allowed” to spend a night in intensive care after another sting – this time in my tongue. In 2005, I was hit again, this time in the right upper arm. I was hospitalized again – this time as an outpatient – and after five hours the danger was over.

Up to that point, no one had advised me to take emergency medication with me in the summer as a precaution. It was not until the allergy specialist who continued to treat me as an outpatient in 2005 that explained and prescribed the emergency medication. From then on, I always carried them with me in the summer months, but completely improperly cooled, which I did not know.

By chance, I discovered the Cool*Safe® backpack on the internet in 2015 and immediately purchased it.

Since then, I have enjoyed the manifold benefits of this wonderful “companion”.

Of course, first and foremost, it gives me the certainty of always being able to provide quick emergency first aid at any place if needed; I carry my little hospital with me, so to speak. This is a great reassurance, because I am often on the road with my tricycle. In the past, I used to react in a panic – it was especially unpleasant when eating and drinking – if just one wasp approached. This has completely changed since I can use this great and practical backpack, because I am now relatively calm.

Thanks to the cooled medications, I have been able to save myself further hospital visits more than once by immediately taking oral antihistamines.

Even when it’s very hot, the 6 cold packs last all day. And then there is another advantage: There is so much space in the lower refrigerator section that I can even store “bunny bread” and/or a small drinking bottle in addition to the medication, which is also very practical for train journeys which I take a few times a year. I also like to use this small refrigerator in the summer, for example, when grocery shopping in high heat for butter or a cream bottle to accommodate there.

Both the size of the backpack and its carrying properties I find very pleasant. I would not want to do without it!