WITH COOL*SAFE IN SOUTH AMERICA 21. March 2019 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

My name is Claudia,

I am 35 years old and have had multiple sclerosis for 9 years now. In the beginning, the diagnosis came as a huge shock to me! Then, when I had somehow come to terms with the whole thing, I decided to accept the disease as part of me, but not to be further restricted by it. 

Of course, I am not as physically fit as before, since I suffer greatly from fatigue; thus, I tend to be very careful and integrate enough breaks in my everyday life, while I still continue  to do everything I enjoy doing.

Thus came my 6-month journey. I am a very curious and travel-loving person and my dream has always been to travel around South America for a while. 

Rather  spontaneously, I booked my flight, without worrying about how I was going to go about it all regarding the transport and storage of my medication. 

I did everything you need to do before a long journey and 4 weeks before my departure, I finally asked myself the questions “how will I actually transport my medication?”, “Would I simply get them there at a pharmacy and must I have to take all my injections for 6 months?”, “How will this work, with the security controls at the airport?”, etc….

I got a little nervous!

I did a lot of internet research, but I could not find a suitable means of transport, which will keep my syringes cool between 2 – 8° C for at least 24 h, and which had the right size to transport all syringes for 6 months. 

I asked my pharmacy I trust, and after some research, they found the products of COOL*SAFE. After a short email exchange regarding the appropriate size, I was able to collect my carry-on from the warehouse, after a few days. 

For 4 months now I have been travelling through South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) and everything is working out perfectly! There were equally no problems at the airport. If necessary, however, I also had the appropriate papers with me, which certify that I have to take the medication, that these must be stored cool and the cooling pads really only contain gel.

As such, I would like to encourage everyone to continue to live their dreams and travel despite illness and temperature-sensitive drugs!

Best wishes,

Dr. Claudia W. from Germany