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WITH COOL*SAFE AND MANY LITTLE HEARTS TO EGYPT 19. May 2020 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

Also for me this year the question arose, a tested cool bag for our Egypt trip for my very expensive medicines?

The years before I had already asked myself this question, but in the end I travelled with an ordinary cooler bag. When I was informed by the manufacturer of the medicines that the medicines I needed were neither approved nor available in Egypt, I immediately informed myself about Cool Safe and decided to rely on an absolutely safe transport. The risk that the heat could destroy the drugs was far too great. So I decided to order two Coolsafe bags with the heart pattern. When the bags arrived by mail, I was already absolutely thrilled by the design alone.

My girlfriends were also absolutely amazed by the design and praised me for my choice. But of course it wasn’t only the design that impressed, the functionality of the bags was perfect. When we arrived in Egypt, the medicines were still kept absolutely cool. They survived the transport undamaged and totally safe.

In the years before, when the medicines were transported in an ordinary cooler bag, they had not arrived at the holiday destination as cold. So from now on, both cool bags will always accompany me on future trips!

The cooling pads are also great. Not as heavy and unwieldy as the usual cooler pads. The bags could be carried with little weight. This was also a big advantage, because the medicines have to travel as hand luggage. Small, light and very handy.

Absolutely recommendable.


Christine F.