WITH COOL*SAFE TO THE RED SEA IN EGYPT 13. December 2021 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

I used the bag to transport my rheumatism injections to Marsa Alam on the Red Sea in Egypt.

I put the cooling elements in the freezer for 3 days. On the morning of the trip I put the syringes in the compartment inside and put the cool packs in the compartments of the cool bag. After a quarter of an hour I measured with my temperature instrument, the temperature in the syringe compartment was 3.0° degrees Celsius.

So we could drive to the airport – there were no difficulties in checking the things.

After waiting in the departure area, check-in was without problems; cool bag placed in the luggage rack.

And off we went on holiday. Arrived at Marsa Alam after a 5 hour flight, no problems at customs.

Then to the hotel drive, half hour check-in and to the room.

Syringes taken out of the bag and placed in the refrigerator.

Temperature in the bag still 4.5 to 5 degrees Celsius after 9 hours – so a great success.

The measurements were made by a tested, calibrated temperature measuring instrument.


With kind regards

Willi H., Germany