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When preparing for a trip to the United States at the end of March this year, it was important to keep in mind that I had to take a medication with me in a chilled state, and that the cold chain must not be interrupted. 

The problem was that the pen had to remain cool over the travel time of about 20 hours. Neither the clinic nor the pharmacy could be of help to me here. 

Although there were coolers for medication, their cooling time was limited to 8 hours. After some internet research, I came across the company “Artemed products” and learned here that there is a bag that keeps medication evenly cool over long periods.

For more information, I contacted “Artemed products” and had a very positive experience with my contact person, from the very first call. I was given comprehensive, competent and friendly advice on all my concerns and I was told the benefits of the “COOL*SAFE” bag, which cools up to about 17 hours. 

The company’s employees even went the extra mile after my order, by giving me a detailed explanation on how to keep the replacement cool packs, in order to extend the cooling time even further. 

Another plus was the ready-made forms for the clinic, as confirmation of the need for the drug, as well as all written letters for customs at the airport.

The check in was absolutely straightforward and problem-free, after I presented the explanatory letters. 

What was far more surprising was the fact that I unpacked the pen at the final destination after about 20 hours, and it was still cool. 

It was clear to me that traveling with my medicines would no longer be a problem. 

I forwarded the information about the product to my clinic and pharmacy, with the hopes of educating other patients, thus reducing their fear of traveling for long periods with their medicines. 

I can recommend the “COOL*SAFE” bag with a clear conscience.

A very big compliment from me to the manufacturer, and a big thank you for the effort, the employees have put in!

D.W., Mainz from Germany