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I finally found it:

cooling of medicines

COOL*SAFE for the professional

Only when you protect your medicine

can your medicine protect your health.

Because of the cooling duration of many hours

I am able to visit relatives

and friends again

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COOL*SAFE is a high-quality cool bag.

Not only does it keep my medicines cool,

but it restores the sense of control in my life,

makes my life easier, and helps me live better.


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give the ultimate peace of mind

COOL*SAFE medical cool bags

- with the regimen power of the medicines I am taking -

that my health outcomes

will be just as my physician envisioned.

COOL*SAFE FOR PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL NEEDS Safety for your clients and patients - and for yourself

  • No liability problems – you will receive a TÜV test report (on request)
  • Patent-protected technology
  • Safe maintenance of the cold chain – no loss of efficiency, hence an increase in compliance
  • High quality – REACH compliant, materials are free of pollutants and irritants
  • Customizable from 1 piece (e.g. logo imprints)
  • Also available from stock in large quantities – fast delivery is possible
  • Day long cold chain by the special model “COOL*SAFE for medical pumps” for the administration of drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, oncological medicines and anti-allergic drugs for outpatient use – also in colaboration with hospitals
  • Do you need a safe medicine cool bag,
  • For your home visits?
  • For the transportation of drugs, insulin, test strips, blood and stool samples that are subject to the cool chain?
  • To be able to collect blood from the patient at home?
  • To safely deliver drugs to the lab, so that the test results are not inaccurate

You have to be sure that the medicine or insulin you are administering to your patient still has its full effectiveness. Even after short-term freezing or warming up, there could be impairment of the effect or even a complete loss of effect. This increases the risk of unexpected side effects, including the risk of an immunological reaction.

If long-term insulin is stored below +4° C, it could also tend to act as short-term insulin! Both insulin and test strips must not be stored below + 2 ° C or exceed room temperature (see medicine information leaflet).

Test strip  are temperature sensitive, because – among other reasons, they mostly work on a protein basis. For example, if the test strips do not give you a correct reading on home visits due to poor cooling, you will not be able to prescribe the correct doses, thus the illness progresses.

Similarly, once you have taken blood or stool samples, you will need to rely on the measurement results, in order to be able to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe or administer the right medication. COOL*SAFE supports you on your tasks “on the road”!

With COOL*SAFE you can be confident that

  1. The blood and stool samples permanently remain in the correct temperature range until they arrive at the laboratory.
  2. Your medicine and test strips arrive at the patient in a cooled state, in accordance with the drug manufacturer’s safety instructions.


COOL*SAFE supports you on your tasks “on the road”!

Do you attribute importance on the safe transport of medicines, blood, stool samples and water samples?
Do you need a cool bag,
  • which is readily available for use without waiting for a buffer time?
  • which can be used more than once a day?
  • which keeps the sample/product temperature between +2 and + 8 °C throughout the day, even in hot ambient temperatures?
  • which keeps large quantities and large volumes in the cold chain for hours?
  • wherein you can be sure that the measurement results will be genuine, because the goods to be transported have been safely stored in the cool bag?

COOL*SAFE cool bags meet all of the above criteria and, with their different sizes, they correspond to your exact needs.

Read a few lines below, on how to extend the cooling duration.


This development is particularly important to us:

  • For outpatient treatment by infusion: with or without day care services
  • Patients can be discharged despite the administration of a cold chain medicine, and do not need to stay in hospital.
  • Healing is accelerated and quality of life is increased, when patients can perform the infusion in their familiar home. This is, of course, particularly desirable in childcare.
  • High time and cost savings for all the parties involved.
  • The costs are significantly reduced for the general public.

Thanks to the special COOL*SAFE models for medical pumps, infusions can even be carried out on an outpatient basis for 48 hours.

PDFs to print for your patients – your practice service


Do you want your patients to always feel well advised by you? Experience has shown that time is always short. Therefore we would like to support you in your counseling:

You prescribe the best possible medicine for your patients – and cold chain requiring medicines are often very expensive. In addition to your excellent diagnosis and prescription, your patients will need your advice on how to properly keep the medicines cool.

Unfortunately, since even pharmacists often do not know of  a safe medicine cool bag, you can save your patients weeks-long search and a lot of despair, if you give your patients the right advice on this issue. In addition, when prescribing the drug, your patient will immediately need COOL*SAFE, for the proper delivery of the drug from the pharmacy to the home.

In addition, on a private prescription, prescribe the COOL * SAFE Basic medicine cool bag so that your patients can order it straight from the pharmacy, and the bag can, out of goodwill, be reimbursed by their health insurance company.

If the medicine pack is larger than 16 x 4 x 14.5 cm, then prescribe additionally “the inner protection pouch for large medicine packages”.

In order to ensure that your counseling goes quickly, and for you to be able to offer the best service, you can find PDFs here, with useful information, which you can print out and hand over to your patients or send to them:

How do I properly store my medicine in the refrigerator? PDF

What is the safest way of keeping my drug in the cold chain? PDF

Traveling with cold chain medicines PDF

Why is it important to keep my medicines in the cold chain? PDF

Draft of a letter for the health insurance companies for reimbursement PDF

If you want to use COOL*SAFE more than once a day:

It will be best if you buy a second or third set of cool packs. In this way, you will always have one frozen set of cool packs in the freezer, while you’re using the other one. This gives you maximum flexibility in using your COOL*SAFE.

If you want to use COOL*SAFE for many hours a day:

And if, despite its long cooling duration, the cooling duration is still insufficient, because the ambient temperature is too high, or because you need to leave the bag in the car for a very long time, then there is an easy and practical solution for it. HERE you will find instructions on how to extend the cooling time: PDF.