COOL*SAFE inner protection pouch for large medicine packages


PZN 1453494    EAN 4260.136.170.381    PHZNR: 4097752

If your medicine package is larger than 16 x 4 x 14.5 cm (W/D/H), then you need this inner medicine protection pouch, to be able to safely transport your medicine. It prevents the medicines from becoming frozen.

You replace this inner pouch with the inner pouch that  is already placed in the cool bags.


The COOL*SAFE inner pouch is suitable for all Cool*Safe cool bag models. It preserves the medicines from becoming frozen.

This replaceable inner pouch is ideal for cooling larger  packages, such as Humira, Copaxone, Avonex-Pens, Risperdal consta, Cosentyx, Secukinumab, Ratiograstim, 15.7 x 8.5 x 10 or Simponi.

Size of the inner compartment of the medicine:  W 189 x H 172 x D 65 mm.

Each COOL*SAFE model already has an inner pouch with an internal medicine compartment with the dimensions: 16 x 4 x 14.5 cm (W / D / H). If your medicine box is larger than these dimensions, then you will need the COOL*SAFE inner pouch for large medicine packages, in addition to your cool bag. You can easily replace it with the existing, smaller inner pouch.

This larger inner pouch fits in all models except the COOL*SAFE carry-on.


Click here to determine if you need a “large medicine package inner pouch” for your medicine package.

Dimensions 18.9 × 17.2 × 6 cm




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