COOL*SAFE medicine cool bag for Ladies


EAN: 4260.136.170.053     PZN: 9618397     PHZNR: 4056368   

Do you want an attractive bag that does not look like illness or like a medicine bag?

High quality, functionality, as well as stylish appearance characterize the COOL*SAFE® cool bag, whose technology is internationally patented.

With its light weight, it is very handy and can easily be taken anywhere.
Its attractive design makes the COOL*SAFE® cool bag a stylish and fashionable companion.

The COOL*SAFE® Cool bag comes with 6 COOL*SAFE® cold packs.


This handbag for women is

a real COOL*SAFE!

The middle section is the COOL*SAFE cool

bag and there is plenty of storage space left

and right for many additional items.


It is a real space saver.


Stay elegant and classy!

Nobody needs to know that you

have medicines with you.


Many mothers also buy this bag for

visits to the playground, even if they do

not need to take any emergency medicine

with them. They buy it, for example, just

to place their children’s snacks to be cooled,

in addition to their body cream and lipstick.



With the ladies’ handbag, you can repeatedly

open and close the compartments on the

side of the cooling compartment, without

compromising the cooling of the medicine.


Click HERE to find out, how to

extend the cooling duration and

your journey will no longer be just a dream.


Click HERE to determine if you need an

“inner pouch for large medicine packages”.

Weight 1.39 kg
Dimensions 18 × 43 × 22 cm
Flexible inner protection pouch

Size: 16 X 4 X 14,5 CM (W/D/H)






Cooling duration +2°C to + 8°C: 17,40 hours

Ambient temperature 30 °C

Cooling duration +2°C to + 8°C: 11,25 hours


Cooling duration +2°C to + 8°C: 6,20 hours

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