COOL*SAFE replacement inner pouch for food and cosmetics


PZN 9618405     EAN 4260136170077     PHZNR  4056397

This gives you an additional use for the cool bag:

The COOL*SAFE replacement inner pouch is suitable for all Cool*Safe cool bag models.

This interchangeable inner pouch is ideal for cooling drinks, snacks, cosmetics etc. when you are not using the COOL*SAFE for your medicine.

For example, 5 beverage cans of 0.5 l each fit into this inner pouch. Have fun hiking or during festivals!


PZN: 9618405    EAN: 4260136170077   PHZNR: 4056397

This pouch is great for giving your COOL*SAFE cool bag or cooling backpack, which prevents the medicines from becoming frozen, an additional use.


  • You can use your cool bag or cooling backpack for hiking or other outdoor activities, when you don’t need to carry medicines.
  • It is for very good use for keeping things frozen. If you need to keep medicines frozen, this is also a good option. Doctors use this inner pouch for transporting frozen syringes to laboratories.




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