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I finally found it:

cooling of medicines

COOL*SAFE for the professional

Only when you protect your medicine

can your medicine protect your health.

Because of the cooling duration of many hours

I am able to visit relatives

and friends again

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COOL*SAFE is a high-quality cool bag.

Not only does it keep my medicines cool,

but it restores the sense of control in my life,

makes my life easier, and helps me live better.


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give the ultimate peace of mind

COOL*SAFE medical cool bags

- with the regimen power of the medicines I am taking -

that my health outcomes

will be just as my physician envisioned.


COOL*SAFE medicine cool bags are suitable for all types of travel or hours of outdoor activities. Be it by bike, bus, car, train or plane.

Many people are uncertain, when it comes to properly transporting their medicine during vacations. Thus, you are not alone!

You really do not have to worry. With COOL*SAFE, your medicines are safely kept cooled. Even on long-haul flights.

We would like to support you, if you have any Questions about the proper means of transporting your medicines during your trips.

If you would like to receive many tips on the proper handling of (temperature-sensitive) medicines, that need save refrigeration, while traveling, then kindly enter your email address here. You will then immediately receive in your email mailbox valuable tips, on how to travel with medicines by car, train and plane.