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I finally found it:

cooling of medicines

COOL*SAFE for the professional

Only when you protect your medicine

can your medicine protect your health.

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COOL*SAFE is a high-quality cool bag.

Not only does it keep my medicines cool,

but it restores the sense of control in my life,

makes my life easier, and helps me live better.


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give the ultimate peace of mind

COOL*SAFE medical cool bags

- with the regimen power of the medicines I am taking -

that my health outcomes

will be just as my physician envisioned.


  • Medicine temperature range from +2° to +8° C– With COOL*SAFE you can transport ALL medicines
  • No freezing of your medicine– unlike most other available medical cool bags!
  • Many hours of cooling duration– You can now travel long distances and long-haul flights
  • Easy to use– without having to wait before use; easy opening zips
  • High quality– odourless and without irritants and pollutants
  • You can get a TÜV-report – The TÜV is the most important, independent testing institute in Germany. The safe temperature range from +2° C to +8° C and the cooling duration have been measured by the TÜV. Please also look at „test results“.

I trust COOL*SAFE Safe transport of your medicine from the pharmacy to your home

COOL*SAFE is a high quality cool bag.

It restores the sense of control in my life.

It makes my life easier, and helps me live better.

In order to maintain the efficacy of my medicine, the most important thing is to already have transported my medicine safely from the pharmacy to my fridge at home. Since many cool bags – even those available in pharmacies – are not officially and independently tested and certified, it is important that I take care of the maintenance of the efficacy of my medicine myself.

This is the first, important step towards maintaining my health. I need the cool bag not only for a trip, but for every medicine transport.

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Visit relatives and friends - experience security and support Light-hearted and spontaneous: extend the time spent together or take a weekend trip

Finally I have found it, the COOL*SAFE medication cool bag for professional medication cooling.

I can go on day trips even with my cold chain requiring medicine, I can visit my relatives over the weekend or go to rehab. The many hours of cooling allow me to always have my medicine with me, even on long journeys by car, train or plane. Also in summer, even if the air conditioning fails, my medicines remain safe. Now I no longer have to wait for my friends or family to visit me at my home. I remain mobile and free in my decision.

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My doctor wants good treatment results for me To do this, the effect of my medicine must be maintained

The efficacy or shelf life of my medicine may be reduced or lost if the medicine becomes too cold. This often happens in non-certified medicine cool bags within the first 5 minutes.

Most of the time you will not see this effect in the medicine. It is simply ineffective. If you have a chrinical desease, this can lead  „only“ to a progression of chronical disease, but with emergency medication or insulin this can also have life-threatening consequences.

If you notice a lack of effectiveness of your medicine or even side effects, you will probably consult your doctor. Personal enquiries with more than 2,000 specialists have shown that your doctor will usually not remember asking you how you carried your medicine from the pharmacy to your home or whether you have maintained the cold chain (even with insulin!). He will then prescribe a higher dose of your medicine, assuming that the dose had not been sufficient. But actually your doctor had already given you the right dose in the first place with his first prescription!

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Transport of medicines in the cold chain with a travel cool bag With medication on short or long journeys - on holiday without stress

„I was beginning to think that life is no longer worth living because now, due to my diagnosis, I can no longer leave my house. I thought that I can no longer go abroad, I can no longer see the world and now I have to spend my life at home as a sick woman or sick man or with a sick child because I am never allowed to be far away from my fridge where my medicine is stored. I was really desperate to find a solution.“

Are these thoughts familiar to you?

With COOL*SAFE you can even go on world trips, plan long-distance flights and sabbaticals. The world is open to you.

Read our testimonials from customers who have travelled the world with COOL*SAFE. Read here.

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