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You can find out if your medicine fits in the COOL*SAFE cool bags. Each cool bag has a special  protection inner pouch which protects the medicine from freezing. The medicine compartment of this inner pouch is the same size for all bags: ca. 16 x 14,5 x 4 cm.

If your package is bigger; then you need the “Inner protection pouch for larger packages of medicine” with the size: ca. 18,9 x 17,2 x 6 cm.

If you are transporting several packages or your medication package is even larger, then we recommend either to use several cool bags or the cooling carry-on. This way, you can transport your medicine safely and relax – whether on your way home from the pharmacy or while on the go.

Hier können Sie ganz einfach herausfinden:

  • ob Ihre Medikamentenpackung in die COOL*SAFE-Kühltaschen passt oder ob Sie ein größeres Inlay benötigen
  • wie viele Ihrer Medikamentenpackungen in eine COOL*SAFE-Tasche passen