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We are very grateful for the trust you have placed in us.

How can you know if your pharmaceutical company or pharmacy has given you a COOL*SAFE medication cool bag?

Only when the original COOL*SAFE cool packs, that have the name and logo COOL*SAFE printed on it, have been supplied with the bag, can it be considered as a COOL*SAFE medication cool bag.

There are pharmaceutical companies in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and other countries as far as South Korea, who attach particular importance to the fact that the cool bags that they provide to patients, doctors or chemists are really suitable for transporting medications that need to be refrigerated or to be in the cold-chain for hours; thus protecting their valuable and often very expensive medications with a COOL*SAFE cool bag.

Below is a list of some of our valued customers:

Gedeon Richter

Gedeon Richter provides tailor-made COOL*SAFE cool bags in several countries in Western Europe and Eastern Europe.


In terms of service quality, AIDA Cruises is the front runner in a list of cruise companies and their services and received the Golden Seal. As a market leader in cruises in Germany, AIDA Cruises is a pioneer in terms of quality and service to their guests; and that’s why they chose COOL*SAFE cool bags.


AMGEN Switzerland distributes the COOL*SAFE cool bags in Switzerland in order to ensure the proper cooling of several AMGEN medicines that are subject to the cold chain.

DGFG The German Society for Tissue Transplantation

The German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG) is an independent, non-profit organization that has been supporting tissue donation and transplants in Germany since 1997. The DGFG established…


Ensuring the highest possible effectiveness in treating our patients is paramount to our management and our physicians. Even the most well planned and executed therapy can be impaired in its effectiveness, if a safe transport of temperature-sensitive (cold-chain) therapeutics is not guaranteed.


This globally active research company, MEDPACE, also uses COOL*SAFE cool bags for its studies; for the safety of patients, who have the certainty that their substances cannot be harmed by freezing caused by cold packs…


Also, a research company, Micromet (now Amgen Research GmbH), confirmed that COOL*SAFE cool bags are the only cool bags they can use for their studies, because the drugs do not get frozen…

Mologen AG

MOLOGEN AG is a research company in the fields of oncology and serious infectious diseases. This biotechnology company uses the latest molecular medical and immunological findings to help the immune system of the human body fight the disease or the pathogen itself…


MSD aims at providing the highest level of safety for patients who are prescribed Simponi (a drug for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease) and PegIntron (for hepatitis c).
Here, too, you will recognize ..


NOVARTIS is a global company based in Switzerland; it focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of medicines and generics.
We are convinced that in the future further …


OCTAPHARMA is active in the fields of immunology, gynecology, hemophilia and intensive care. They produce immunoglobulins, von Willebrand Factor / Factor VIII concentrates, PPSB concentrate, antithrombin III concentrate, human albumin solution and human plasma…


Die Firma Sandoz setzt die COOL*SAFE-Kühltaschen für die Abgabe des Wachstumshormons Omnitrope ein. Die Kühltasche wurde speziell für Sandoz gebrandet und hat die Farbe blau. Sie erkennen diese …