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I finally found it:

cooling of medicines

COOL*SAFE for the professional

Only when you protect your medicine

can your medicine protect your health.

Because of the cooling duration of many hours

I am able to visit relatives

and friends again

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COOL*SAFE is a high-quality cool bag.

Not only does it keep my medicines cool,

but it restores the sense of control in my life,

makes my life easier, and helps me live better.


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give the ultimate peace of mind

COOL*SAFE medical cool bags

- with the regimen power of the medicines I am taking -

that my health outcomes

will be just as my physician envisioned.


  • No liability problems – you will receive a TÜV test report (on request)
  • High quality – REACH compliant, conform with all EU standards and requirements
  • materials are free of pollutants and irritants
  • Patent-protected technology
  • Safe maintenance of the cold chain – no loss of efficiency, hence an increase in compliance
  • The production facility is ISO 9001 certified.
  • Customizable from 1 piece (e.g. logo imprints)
  • Also available from stock in large quantities – fast delivery is possible
  • Branding for large quantities according to your CI, and individually customized to fit your medicine box dimensions
  • On request: Warehousing and international individual shipping (neutral or with your delivery note).

For your new developments and projects, such as cool bags for medical pumps or for special children’s needs or for special environments (e.g. completely waterproof or dustproof) etc.:

  • Typically, Artemed also offers concept and product design services, with a deep understanding of design optimization, materials, manufacturing ease, costs, and importantly, with the end user in mind. In all mutually beneficial collaborations, Artemed offers this range of capabilities as a value-added service to ourclients or providing a portion of such services, as needed, for our client’s project.

Your cold chain requiring medicine, biopharmaceutical or biosimilar is a medicine of very high quality and value.

Therefore, it is important that you protect this medicine with a cool bag of equally high quality. Patients and issuing medical practitioners recognize COOL*SAFE and value it with trust and compliance.

This is not only because, COOL*SAFE is known to safely protect the medicines and preserves its effect, but also because COOL*SAFE stands for trust and quality. The feeling of safety is linked directly to the medicine and so to the manufacturer, if you deliver a high quality cool bag. The patients feel that they are being taken with respect. It has a direct, emotional impact on the image of your product. And that is priceless.

Do you need a specialist who can help you with exactly what you need and what is important, when it comes to maintaining cooling in medicine cool bags? What to look out for?

Due to our many years of work in this domain we have the knowledge and experience to know the requirements of Legal Departments and can save you and your colleagues involved from unnecessary in-house decision-making processes and a great deal of time.

And you could save yourself unnecessary disappointments if, at first an offer turned out to be cheaper, but then the requirements for the cold chain or delivery date could not ultimately be met – and so leading to loss of money and time.

Put your trust in the right partner from the outset – and offer patients the high-quality COOL*SAFE cool bags that match the high quality of your medication, so that it can be safely transported from the pharmacy to the patients’ homes.

Contact us now to receive a customised offer.

Whether offering free short-term usage or outright sale by the pharmacy – offer COOL*SAFE to your customers.

  • COOL*SAFE is a high-quality brand – that reflects your good name

The safest thing is to transport this highly sensitive and often expensive medicine with COOL*SAFE, gleich von Ihrer Apotheke bis zum Kühlschrank des Patienten mit COOL*SAFE, damit die Wirkung nicht schon auf dem Nachhauseweg verloren gegangen ist. Ihre Kunden sprechen darüber, wenn Sie Ihnen auch bei der Aufrechterhaltung der Kühlkette einen guten Service bieten.


  • With COOL * SAFE, you avoid the liability trap

From the outset, do not settle for a cheap solution, because it could enable you save some money: According to the European and German legislation, anyone who lends, sells, or recommends a medicine cool bag is personally liable. Thus, every single employee of your company is also personally liable. With COOL*SAFE, you have no liability problems. We will gladly send you the TÜV test reports.


  • COOL*SAFE as a lending cool bag

Stand out from the competition and position yourself as the competent advisor who can help and guide your customers on the safe transport of cold chain medicines, by offering COOL*SAFE as a cool bag for loan.

The cool bag for loan can in itself also be your marketing tool. In the end, customers will remember and buy the COOL*SAFE cool bag, when they go on holiday.

This will will attract more customers by word of mouth, who will want to buy these temperature-sensitive medicine from you. Since they will recommend you!


  • COOL*SAFE as a sales item to your customers

Recommend COOL*SAFE to every customer who purchase their cold-chain medicine from your pharmacy. Let us send you a sticker for your refrigerator, which will remind your employees to always recommend the COOL*SAFE cool bags.

In offering this helping device to your customer, you will professionally protect the medicine and at the same time you will increase your turn-over.

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This development is particularly important to us: COOL*SAFE for medical pumps


  • For outpatient treatment by infusion: with or without nursing service, in cooperation with the hospital.
  • Patients will be able to return home, despite being administered a cold chain medication, and will not necessarily need to stay hospitalized at the hospital.
  • Healing is accelerated up and the quality of life increased when patients can perform the infusion in their familiar home. This is of course, particularly desirable in children.
  • High time and cost savings for all the parties involved.
  • The costs to the general public are significantly reduced.
  • The potential use of the medicine, as well as the willingness to undergo treatment is significantly increased.

Through the use of special COOL*SAFE models for medicine pumps, infusions can even be performed on an outpatient basis for 48 hours or longer.

Contact us now to receive a customised offer.


You need to do a clinical trial.

In order to obtain optimal, and above all, accurate results, it is important that the medicine should be fully effective.

Study results may be inaccurate at beginning of the studies, if the administered drug has already been damaged. The person carrying out the study is usually unaware of this problem!

Minimize unnecessary side effects or immunological reactions that could be caused by non-compliance with the cold chain. Your test results will be more meaningful and the patients will be properly taken care of.

COOL * SAFE cool bags are used in many countries worldwide for study purposes.

Contact us now to receive a customised offer.