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The certified COOL*SAFE medicine cooling bags: 2 to 8 °C ex stock, with logo imprint or tailor-made and completely branded according to your CI

Laboratory supplies and practice equipment E. g. for doctors, veterinarians, health practitioners, professional daycare and nursing services, medicine couriers, water works and laboratories

This is your access to important informationen about COOL*SAFE and to our professional Service-Portal to ease your daily work (e. g. with information leaflets as downloads for the levy to patients around the save cooling of medicines).

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For sale, for clinical trials and for levy to patients E.g. pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals and clinical research organisations CROs

This is  your access to prices (log-in with your VAT-number) and to all important information for your company, your patients and clients.

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MSD aims at providing the highest level of safety for patients who are prescribed Simponi (a drug for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease) and PegIntron (for hepatitis c).
Here, too, you will recognize ..


Ensuring the highest possible effectiveness in treating our patients is paramount to our management and our physicians. Even the most well planned and executed therapy can be impaired in its effectiveness, if a safe transport of temperature-sensitive (cold-chain) therapeutics is not guaranteed.


Die Firma Sandoz setzt die COOL*SAFE-Kühltaschen für die Abgabe des Wachstumshormons Omnitrope ein. Die Kühltasche wurde speziell für Sandoz gebrandet und hat die Farbe blau. Sie erkennen diese …


Also, a research company, Micromet (now Amgen Research GmbH), confirmed that COOL*SAFE cool bags are the only cool bags they can use for their studies, because the drugs do not get frozen…