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Dear COOL*SAFE customer,


we appreciate that you are reaching out to us.

To safe you time and effort we already answered the most frequent questions in our F.A.Q. section  “F.A.Q.: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” for you.


There you find anwers to the questions all around

  • cooling duration and its prolongation
  • cool packs
  • COOL*SAFE as hand luggage/carry-on in airplanes
  • Where can I buy COOL*SAFE?
  • refund by health insurance companies
  • Does my medicine fit into COOL*SAFE? Is there also a larger/smaller COOL*SAFE available?
  • delivery times, parcel services
  • etc.

It is worth it to look at this F.A.Q. site, because you will get your questions answered right away!

In case your question is NOT answered, we are very happy to answer you by email.

We are looking forward to your feedback, your inspirations – and also to your travel reports about travel, that you were able to enjoy with your COOL*SAFE.

Best wishes,

COOL*SAFE – properly. well. cooled.