COOL*SAFE for medicine pumps 2 to 8 °C

COOL*SAFE for day-long administration of infusion solutions requiring a cold chain via an infusion pump.

You do not have to stay in bed for the infusion! You can walk around.

  • internationally patented COOL*SAFE® technology
  • the medical pump is outside the cooling area and can be operated from outside without affecting the cooling
  • no freezing of the infusion solution

Incl. 2 sets of 6 reusable COOL*SAFE cooling cold packs plus extra large medicine protection pouch against freezing.


With the COOL*SAFE cool bag for medical pumps, a continuous outpatient infusion i.v. of cold chain requiring infusion solutions is possible, even over several days at your home, not in hospital.

The infusion is started in the hospital and then you return to your home and your loved ones. Or the infusion can be administered directly at home.

The infusion bag with the cold chain requiring medicine is placed in the cool bag. It does not have to be hung on a stand. The bag is connected to a medicine pump, which also has its place in the cool bag, but remains uncooled. Several pumps can be connected at the same time. The pump runs for example 24 hours. A longer cooling or application time can also be realized. Just contact us.


This way you or your child are mobile and do not have to stay in bed!

It is particularly desirable for the therapy of children if they can stay at home in their familiar surroundings.

You can save yourself the trouble of having to travel to the hospital on several days in quick succession just for the application of an infusion.

This cool bag for medical pumps can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. At night it is placed next to the bed.


Product information:

  • flexible protection pouch: size 16 x 4,5 x 14,5 cm (W/D/H)
  • Article size: 20 x 18 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 1.25 kg incl. 1 set of cool packs
  • Shipping weight in carton: 2.8 kg incl. 2 sets of cool packs
  • Weight without cool packs: approx. 380 g

Hours of cooling in the temperature range +2° C to + 8° C*.

  • cooling duration: 20° C ambient temperature: approx. 17,40 hours
    cooling duration: 30° C ambient temperature: approx. 11,25 hours
  • cooling duration: 40° C ambient temperature: approx.  6,20 hours
  • Prolongation with the included 2. set of cool packs over 24 hours !!

Hours of cooling in the temperature range +2° C to + 15° C*.

  • cooling duration: 20° C ambient temperature: approx. 22,85 hours
    cooling duration: 30° C ambient temperature: approx. 13,42 hours
  • cooling duration: 40° C ambient temperature: approx.   8,85 hours


– Safe transport of medicines
= Protection against freezing caused by cool packs
= protection against excessive heating
– Reflective fabric of the cool box in light colour
= Less heating by sunlight

– With tube holder for the infusion bag tubes
– Pollutant-free materials, tested by independent laboratory


– Shoulder Strap
= additional wearing comfort is guaranteed

– Belt Strap
= the bag can also be worn around the waist

– Low weight

If you need more than one medication pump, for example to administer two or more infusion bags at the same time, we recommend the COOL*SAFE backpacks. Several pumps can be optimally transported in it, while the infusion bags remain cooled.

Click here for the backpacks. Click here.

Weight 1,30 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 22 cm
Flexible Medikamentenaufnahme

Größe: 19 x 6,5 x 17 cm (B/T/H)

Umgebungstemperatur 20° C

Kühldauer von +2°C bis + 8°C: 17,40 Stunden

Umgebungstemperatur 30° C

Kühldauer von +2°C bis + 8°C: 11,25 Stunden

Umgebungstemperatur 40° C

Kühldauer von +2°C bis + 8°C: 6,20 Stunden



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