With COOL*SAFE in QATAR 23. June 2020 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

Yes, I was nervous anyway.

But everything worked out fine. I had put the Coolsafe and the package with the extra col packs into a hard-shell carry-on and put the sensor from the thermometer on the medication. In Hamburg as well as in Frankfurt at the security control everything went smoothly. From time to time I checked but the temperature remained constant. When I arrived at home after 12 hours the temperature was still 4.9 degrees. I didn’t need the 2nd battery pack at all.

Everything’s great. I think the trolley helped too and the luggage compartments are not temperated. The second battery set was still totally frozen. I come back in October again and will do it exactly the same.

Once again, thank you very, very much for your efforts. You’ve helped me wonderfully.

Very best wishes from the hot Qatar

Helga Y.