TREACHEROUS TURKEY HOLIDAY 13. December 2021 – Posted in: Travel-Blog

“I have been looking for a long time for a way to cool my cold chain medicines when I travel or transport them. There are many offers, but the most difficult thing is the reliability of all the no-name products! You already anticipate it, they do not keep what they promise.


Since I am overcautious, I have also tested this cool-safe before the real use and also consulted the manufacturer with my scenarios I had thought about

(Note: very friendly customer service). Result: I am 100% convinced of the product.

Cooling experience: You can be sure that the cold chain (2-8 degrees) is definitely maintained.

I have tested this in the car with and without air conditioning, in the plane outside and also at home.

(Winter test still pending, but one wonders, why cool in winter?!)

  • It is perhaps important to note that with the drug Copaxone, the “big blue travel pack” does not fit in the inside pocket (even with a large inside pocket).
  • You should also make sure that the cooling temperature of the freezer compartment / chest freezer is not below – 18 degrees, because it is possible that the cooling pads are cooled down too much and thus the temperature inside the bag (when transporting the medication) will fall below 2 degrees (This happened to me only once abroad due to the setting of the cooling compartment)

There are absolutely no problems during transport by plane etc., i.e. they only have a brief look at it and actually already know about it without having to say anything.

Overall an excellent and reliable product that I can absolutely recommend.

Mr Burak D. from Germany